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Cetrix Air Purifier/Sterilizer HEPA 11 Filter
Air sanitizing rate 99.9% 
Filter PM2.5 fine particles.
Cetrix air purifier/sterilizer efficiency filter can remove large particles of bacteria, viruses, mold, and mites. "Block" is the first step, Cetrix purifier/sterilizer can destroy bacteria and viruses 99.99%, to inactive the virus and kill them.

4 steps to achieve the goal to purifier the dust world.
Screening and filtering, interstitial collision, active interception, diffusion, and adsorption.

Description: HEPA 11 Filter only apply to Cetrix UVC air purifier

Dimension:  Diameter 5.9"X Height 3.9"
Color: White
Net Weight: 0.55 lb
Applicable models: Cetrox Air Sterilizer
Filter Life: 6 months (Recommended 24 hr/day operation
Filtration Rate: Removes 99.99% particles greater than 0.1 microns