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  • Product SKU: 110066
  • Efficient drain to remove liquid waste. Slim footprint makes it easy to place and move as required.
  • Slim, sleek rectangular design fits easily into any professional environment and can easily be added on to an existing waste management system.
  • The drain and funnel portion easily pop out of the lid to facilitate cleaning and disinfecting. The plastic collection jug lifts easily out of the unit for emptying and cleaning.
  • White-Sandtex silver powder coated steel LDPE
  • 2.25 Gallon capacity
  • Sold as each
  • Busch Systems 110066 Spectrum Cube Slim - Liquid

Product Description

Busch Systems Spectrum Cube Slim - Liquid

This Busch System Spectrum Cube Slim all metal body unit is designed to efficiently capture waste liquid, using a drainage cup equipped with a mesh sieve, a funnel to direct the liquid, and a removable 2 gallon plastic jug to collect the waste liquids. The Spectrum Cube Slim - Liquid unit is an ideal add on to an existing waste and recycling management system, and pairs well with bins to collect used coffee cups and water bottles. The ability for users to discard their liquid waste ensures that this potential transmission vector for viruses in eliminated. The Spectrum Cube Slim stainless steel lid lifts out for easy removal and disposal of the waste liquids, and easy cleaning of the drain.

Busch Systems, Spectrum Cube Slim - Liquid, White-Sandtex Silver, Sold as Each

Product Specifications

  • Product Type: Liquid Collection
  • Dimensions: 15.75" depth x 8" width x 30.37" height
  • Color: White-Sandtex Silver
  • Opening: Liquid
  • Capacity (Gallons): 2.25