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  • Product SKU: 101375
  • This multi-purpose container saves space with its patented stackable design.
  • Ergonomic handle and slanted opening simplify disposal.
  • Access the contents of your containers easily even when stacked with the strategically designed opening.
  • Blue, green, and grey HDPE 
  • 6 Gallon capacity
  • 3 Bins
  • Busch Systems 101375 Multi 3 Pack Recycling Bins

Product Description

Busch Systems Multi 3 Pack Recycling Bins

These stackable and sturdy 6-gallon Busch System Multi 3 Pack Recycling bins are ideal recycling containers for small spaces such as dorms, classrooms & apartments. Lift the Multi 3 Pack Recycling container by its ergonomic handle for easy transport and smoothly dump contents through the slanted opening for a quick disposal process. The handle can be set back down until needed again, making it the perfect solution for storage under sinks, in closets or other compact areas.

Busch Systems, Multi 3 Pack Recycling Bins, Blue-Green-Grey, 3 Bins

Product Specifications

  • Product Type: Recycling Container
  • Case Pack: 3
  • Dimensions: 14" depth x 10.62" width x 13.25" height
  • Color: Blue-Green-Grey
  • Opening: Full
  • Capacity (Gallons): 6