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Amaircare Airwash® MultiPRO 4000 VOC CHEM (30 lb Carbon Canister) Filtration System (2 packages; machine, ULTRA VOC Canister)

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Product Description:

Have a special application that requires extreme VOC removal? This portable system comes standard with a washable Foam Prefilter and Ultra VOC Canister (contains 30 lbs. of granulated carbon). 6” D intake allows for targeted clean-up. Bottom clean air outflow on four of six sides. Easily adjust airflow with the variable speed control. Move system around smoothly on bottom-mounted casters. Filter service is trouble-free through system lid access.

Available with HEPA Cartridge upon request.
Annual Filter Kit:                   Item: 93-A-16ST00-ET
Plus Annual Filter Kit:           Item: 93-A-16PL00-ET
Replacement Ultra VOC Canister: Item: 94-A-1602-UL

- or -

Replacement HEPA Filter: Item: 90-A-16ME-ET

The Airwash® MultiPRO is a high-quality HEPA Air purification
“Air Scrubber” unit that possesses: Superior cylindrical HEPA
filtration providing greater coverage with a larger surface area
increasing longevity and resulting in fewer filter changes.
The cylindrical filter allows for even particulate loading and performs
to full capacity. Versatile, multi-functional 5-stage filtration
system for diverse environments and a wide array of applications.
Tool-Less access for speedy filter changes. Covered by a 5-year
Replacement Media Pad Filter: Item: 91-A-D919-NA

- and/or -

Replacement 2” MERV 8 Prefilter: Item: 91-A-D020-NA
Replacement Prefilter: Item: 91-A-1407-ET
Replacement HEPA Cartridge: Item: 90-A-14ME-ET

- or -

Replacement ULTRA VOC Canister: Item: 94-A-1402-UL
Replacement Carbon Blanket: Item: 92-A-1401-ET

- or -

Replacement VOC Canister: Item: 94-A-1402-ET

The Airwash® MultiPRO BOSS is a high-quality HEPA air
purification unit that boasts 1800-2000CFM providing greater
coverage with a larger surface area. Double ‘stepped’ filtration
system to maximize airflow. With 16”x16” filters to increase
longevity, resulting in fewer filter changes. Bottom mounted durable
casters for portability and versatility. Covered by a 5-year warranty.
Replacement Mesh Prefilter:
Item: 91-A-DA06-NA

- or -

Replacement Media Pad Filter: Item: 91-A-D919-NA
Replacement Prefilter*: Item: 91-A-1607-ET
Replacement HEPA Cartridge*: Item: 90-A-16ME-ET

- or -

Replacement ULTRA VOC Canister*: Item: 94-A-1602-UL
Replacement Carbon Blanket*: Item: 92-A-1601-ET

- or -
Replacement VOC Canister*:
Item: 94-A-1602-ET
*requires two.


  • Maximum Recommended Area Size: 1130 sf
  • Airflow: 300 CFM
  • Power Consumption: 125 W
  • Dimensions: 16”HEX x 23”H
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Variable Speed Switch Control
  • Construction: 24 gauge steel housing,
  • durable powder-coated finish