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Vizocare understands that this is the time to be supportive of our governments; federal, state, and local. Our reduced prices, dedicated government Accounts team, and flexible purchase order agreements, take proper care of our front-line workers and public servants so that they can do more with their budgets.

Benefits for Government Agencies

Convenient payment options

Reduced Competitive product pricing

Dedicated Account Management

Low-cost delivery options

To order by a purchase order, just email your purchase order to and we’ll take care of the rest

Vizocare Contracting Vehicles for Government Agencies

Contract # Issuing Agency What it Includes Period Who can use it



A broad range of masks, gloves, gowns, shoe and head covers, face shields, sanitizers, wipes, dispensers, goggles and glasses, thermometers

4 AUG 2020 – 31 JUL 2021

Only NIH buyers


State of California – Dept. of General Services

N95 respirators and Level-2 and Level-3 3-ply masks

4 DEC 2020 – 3 DEC 2021

All Federal and State Government Agencies, School Districts, State Universities, State Hospitals


State of Arizona – Dept. of Administration

A broad range of PPE products

1 JAN 2021 – 31 DEC 2021

State of Arizona Agencies


Clark County School District

3 Ply masks

OCT 2020-SEP 2021

County School Districts

2021 PPE

Griffin Regional Educational Service Agency (Griffin RESA)

A broad range of PPE products

10 FEB 2021 – 9 FEB 2022

All members of Griffin RESA


State of Maryland

3 Ply Masks - Level 2

23 OCT 2020 – 22 OCT 2021

All Maryland Agencies and all other states


Hays Consolidated Independent School District (HCISD) - Texas

A broad range of PPE products

14 DEC 2020 – 13 DEC 2021

All schools in HCISD


COSTARS - Pennsylvania Department of General Services

A broad range of PPE products

27 JAN 2021 – 26 JAN 2022

All Pennsylvania Agencies


National Purchasing Partners “NPP”

A broad range of PPE products

Mar 2021 – Mar 2024

All Cooperative Members

PCA OD-339-21

Purchasing Cooperative of America

A broad range of PPE products

3 FEB 2021 – 2 FEB 2022

All Cooperative Members


TIPS Cooperative – State of Texas

Industrial and Facility Equipment, Chemicals, Supplies, and Services
(Including all PPE, Air purifiers, Sanitizers, Pathogen Barriers, and Disinfectants)

22 OCT 2020 – 31 MAY 2023

All Cooperative Members


Eastern Suffolk BOCES Cooperative

A broad range of PPE products

1 MAR 2021 – 31 AUG 2021

All Cooperative Members


New York State Office of General Services

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) &Related Items (Statewide)

1 AUG 2021 – 31 JUL 2022

All Public Agencies of NY State


Commonwealth of Virginia

Air purifiers and Supplies

1 AUG 2021 – 31 JUL 2024

Agencies of the Commonwealth
of Virginia

Tax-Exempt Account for Government Agencies

To set up your tax-exempt account, please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Create a user account on VizoCare

Step 2

Let us know via Chat and we will set your account as tax-exempt.

Step 3

Proceed with your order

Step 4

Send a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to


For Government Agencies, If you have a Bulk Order to place, we can provide you with very special discounts.