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Government Agencies

Vizocom Special Support for Government Customers

Vizocom understands this is the time to be supportive of our governments; federal, state and local. We also know that the government agencies and educational institutions have their own policies and cannot accommodate our COVID-19 policy of upfront payment. As such, we accommodate them by providing:

  • CONVENIENT PAYMENT OPTIONS including accepting Purchase orders
  • DEDICATED account management

Our reduced prices, dedicated government Accounts team, flexible purchase order agreements,  take good care of our front-line worker and public servants so they can do more with the budgets they have. Vizocom is here to provide unparalleled supply chain for your needs to be as supportive as we can during this Pandemic.

To setup your tax-exempt account, please follow the below steps:

  1. First create an account with us here:
  2. Once you register, let us know on chat and we would quickly set your account as tax exempt and you can proceed with your order.
  3. You can later send a copy of your tax exempt certificate to

If you have a bulk order to place, we can provide you with very special discounts.