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ChargeMax Disinfection Cabinets

ChargeMax Disinfecting Cabinets


UVC Disinfection and Charging Cabinets

ChargeMax by Cetrix provides an easy and effective way to disinfect and charge your mobile devices, or sterilize small objects in a matter of minutes.  

Disinfection of mobile devices and other personal and work objects have become an important part of fighting pandemic and spread of germs and viruses. UVC equipment provide a clean and efficient way to disinfect surfaces of different objects. Unlike chemical disinfectants, they are not liquid-based and leave no residues.

ChargeMax cabinets are ideal for collective work environments such as schools, universities, workspaces, police stations, etc. They provide a central and secure place to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops while disinfecting the outer surface of these devices. Secure enclosure, simple operation, a variety of sizes and combinations are some of the salient features of ChageMax cabinets.

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A Size for Every Application & Environment

ChargeMax cabinets come in different capacities starting from 10-device desktop/wall mount cabinets all the way to 65-device cabinets.

Many customization options such as color, wheel size, push handles, metal doors, etc. are available.

Safe & Secure UV Disinfection

ChargeMax cabinets come with safety and security features like automatic door-open shutdown, three-position front lock with keys, multi-level electric safety, etc.

Flexible design makes it possible to move the device dividers to make room for larger objects to be disinfected.

Regulated Power Charging for Small Devices

ChargeMax is ideal for small devices such as mobile phone, smartphones and tablets. It provides stable, regulated power for charging these devices while disinfecting their surfaces.