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Hot PPE Products

VizoCare Supply Chain Division in Support of COVID-19 First Responders and Healthcare Workers with vital equipment in short supply.

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world has affected every government, organization, company and individual in most parts of the world. As the situation continues to develop, we are deeply concerned about the health and safety of the global community at large. In order to support the Fight against the Pandemic, VizoCare has changed its priorities and is stepping up its supply chain activities.

As our customer, VizoCare remains committed to helping your operations up and running during the coronavirus pandemic. We have developed new supply plans and are expanding and leveraging our capable supplier network to provide and expedite the delivery of the special items that you may need during this pandemic.

VizoCare has setup a hotline (email and phone number) for emergency requests of key items that you may have an immediate need for.

Hotline Number: (619) 350 6980

Hotline Email:

The coronavirus related items that we are seeing demand for that you may want to order are listed below:

  • Medical Gowns (coverall protection one-piece Isolation gown)
  • Mask N95
  • Face Medical Disposable Surgical Mask
  • Medical Booties (shoe cover)
  • Medical Cap
  • Gloves
  • Protection Protective Goggles
  • Face shield
  • Antiseptic Disinfectant medical Alcohol Spray
  • Foam Hand Sanitizer Hand Washing Gel Liquid Soap
  • Cleaning and disinfecting solutions and services
  • No-Touch Thermometers
  • Sanitizers
  • Electrostatic backpack sprayer
  • Thermal imaging camera for non-contact temperature measurement
  • Walk-through gate detector of dangerous objects with noncontact temperature measurement function
  • Cold sterilization and disinfectant solutions
  • Disposable patient clothing
  • Disposable medical staff clothing
  • Medical apparel and textiles