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Disposable isolation gown, Level 2 - pack of 10 (DG-2)
Disposable surgical gown, Level 2 (DG-2)
Disposable surgical gown, Level 2 (DG-2)

Disposable isolation gown, Level 2 - pack of 10 (DG-2)

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Disposable Isolation Gown Unisex Blue​

  • Anti-Fluid Protection - This protective apparel is AAMI level 2 based on liquid barrier performance. The suit entirely protects the body from any outside splashes like blood and/or any liquid element.
  • Adjustable Comfy Wear - It is unisex with elastic cuffs both hands and feet and adjustable ties on collar and waist eliminating the difficulties of tying behind the back. You can also choose to wear a protective cover-all with a hood or without a hood.
  • Hassle-Free Clothing - The design of the suit is user friendly and has convenient wearability. This protective clothing gives off easy access while moving around and has proper ventilation.
  • Light Weight - the clothing is made from lightweight, multi-ply material and non-woven material.
  • Protection - Isolation Gown serves two purposes; to protect the health care professional from the patient and to protect the patient from the healthcare professional. This PPE is recommended for all common patient care to protect both sides from any bacteria, viruses, blood, or infectious fluids.

Product Specifications:

  • Protection Level: AAMI Level 2
  • Fabric: Lightweight Non-Woven
  • Package: 10 pcs/bag


Note : Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)of 25 packs.

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