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KN95 Mask (FM-1)
KN95 Mask (FM-1)
KN95 Mask (FM-1)

KN95 Mask (FM-1)

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1. Standard: GB2626-2006
2. Filtration efficiency≥95%
3. FDA, CE, ISO certified
4. Customized logo package available
Item:  Disposable protective face mask
1st ply: sms 50g, 2st ply: 25g melt-blown, 3rd ply: 25g hot air cotton
4th ply: 25g 99% melt-blown, 5th ply: water proof non-woven
Wearing method Adjustable nose clip, elastic earloop
Color: White
Shelf life: 2 years
Size: Non-planar folding mask
Bacterial and particle filtration efficiency: exceeds 95%
Inhalation resistance: ≤350
Expiatory resistance:≤250
Storage: Normal atmospheric temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight



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