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Disposable Surgical gown, Level 4 - pack of 10 (DG-10)


Note: Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 5 packs

AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gown
Exposure to the pathogenic microorganisms harbored in blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious material can lead to occupationally acquired infections in healthcare workers. That’s why it’s critical that healthcare providers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and understand the levels of barrier protection these PPE items can afford them in patient-care and surgical situations.
At the heart of this AAMI standard are the four levels of barrier protection, ranging from level one, which is the lowest level of protection, to level four, which is the highest level. To attain level four classification, the material must be considered to be impervious and is subjected to the blood barrier test (ASTM F1670) and the viral barrier test (ASTM F1671).
Vizocom’s Disposable Isolation Gown conforms to AAMI Level 4. Our Disposable Isolation Gown provides barrier protection, and the gown is made of Anti-Static Non-Woven PP Fabric with open-back for breathability and comfort. Coverage on the front and sides provides protection from high fluid levels and bloodborne pathogens.

    Isolation Gown - Level 4 Features:

    • Anti-static, Anti-alcohol, Anti-plasma
    • Skin-friendly, Sweat-absorbent, Breathable
    • Simple round neck design
    • No collar deformation
    • Collar flush to the skin for protection
    • Strong adhesive velcro on the back neckline
    • Strap-type knots
    • Adjustable tightness

    Technical Specs:

    • Item: Disposable Isolation Gown
    • Protection Level: AAMI Level 4
    • Fabric: Anti-Static Non-Woven PP Fabric + PE Breathable
    • Size: M: 165cm/ L: 170cm / XL: 175cm / XXL: 180cm
    • Style: Velcro on Collar, Tie on Waist, Knit Cuff,
    • Closed Front
    • Color: blue
    • Recommended for: Med/Surg Unit


    • Package Size: 50*34*10cm / 19.7 * 13.4 * 3.9in
    • Packaging: 10 Pieces per Bag,
    • 100 Pieces per Carton

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